Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is located between Antarctica and Asia. With world recognized education and top ranked colleges, Australia is indeed the first choice by far of many students. Australian education and teaching methods have attracted many foreign students to achieve their college/ university level education including Nepalese students.

But studying in your country and studying in Australia is like apples and oranges. Students simply cannot expect to study under the same circumstances and situation like they are used to in Nepal. If you wish to pursue your higher education in Australia then along with many other factors you must be comfortable with your budget and must get familiar with everything about Australia which will ultimately help your stay be easier there.

After you decide Australia as your destination country, we at Platinum Educational Consultancy will guide and help you through all the procedure to enroll in an Australian university. Furthermore, we will help you in planning your budget and offer you the best university that goes with your plan. We will make you get familiar with thousands of courses offered by Australian universities and even help you to decide the right one for you.

Getting you admitted in the best university will be our top priority and we will even put our extra effort in providing you scholarships/ grants/ awards if you deserve. Australia is a big country so there is a high possibility of getting jobs during and after completing your study. So we will even advice and guide you through various career prospects that you can get in Australia.