Counseling as per the definition is the activity of the counselor, or a professional who counsels people (gives them assistance, advice and guidance), especially on personal problems and difficulties. Getting counseling and counseling someone has been in practice in human society for a long time. But counseling for educational and career prospect require experiences and relevant knowledge to a degree.

Just as the definition is referring, at Platinum Educational Consultancy, we have experienced, educated and professional counselor to give you assistance, advice and guidance that you will need for your course of actions. During the counseling phase, students will be made familiar with honest educational and career options and help them in decision making. These professional counselor will help you not only in selecting the country that suits your need the best but equally they advise you with the best university, their best offered courses.

Not only the professional advice but they will guide you through how difficult and easy living in a foreign country can be. Their honest guidance they have collected through experience can be helping and to some point reassuring to you. Their honest and genuine advice, assistance and guidance will be there for you from the moment you select us to till the time you settle comfortably in the land of your desire.