Located in the northwestern Europe, Netherlands is well known for its flat landscape, canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling route. But apart from all these famous aspect of Netherlands, education system is also helping it to stand out in the world map. The Netherlands is regarded as the knowledge centre of long study traditions and well known universities. The Dutch international scientific research which is placed at the very top, stands before us as an example of education excellence.

The excellent, globally recognized ground breaking problem solving method in teaching is able to attract thousands of students from all around the world. Every year students from all over the world fly to Netherlands to study as Netherlands has become a key to the European market, hence, making the education of Netherlands compatible to compete in the European market and all over the world. Even though Dutch is their official language, more than 95 % can communicate in English which makes it easier for international students to blend in the community.

Similar to other countries, every year from Nepal large numbers of students fly to Netherlands to pursue their higher education. Low tuition fee compared to other European countries and the internationally accepted education has encouraged many Nepalese students to choose Netherlands over many other countries.

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