About Us

Finding the right consultancy in the valley has become tougher than finding a cloverleaf in an extended meadow. The city, Kathmandu is filled with many promising consultancies that can provide you with the right information and guidance you need for your abroad study. In the midst of many such promising consultancies, Platinum Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is definitely one that guarantees you the best counselling and guidance you require for your abroad study.

Presently located at the heart of the city, Dillibazar (Opposite to Kanya Campus), Platinum Educational Consultancy has been operating with aim of providing students with genuine and essential counselling for enthusiastic students who are wishing to study abroad. Unlike many other profit-oriented consultancies, Platinum Educational Consultancy is highly oriented in student’s career. Hence, we are focused not in quantity but in quality. Our keen interest is in bright and the best career prospect for students so we are here for guiding you from the initial phase of the process to right till the end.

Platinum Educational Consultancy provides counselling for USA, Australia, Poland, Denmark, Nederland, Canada, New Zealand etc. and if your wish is to study in one of the above countries than your search is over. With the globally rising challenges, it is necessary for everyone to be able to face them. Be it at being outstanding among others or being personally confident, Platinum Educational Consultancy will help you to face those challenges and overcome them. We value your need and satisfaction; thus we offer you the best honest and genuine options as per your need. You should aim for the best and prepare for the worst in a foreign land, and that’s what we do. We help you to not to survive but to excel in them during your stay.

Platinum Educational Consultancy offers it best educational as well as career guidance once you choose us:

  • We arrange preparation classes like TOFEL, IELTS, SAT, GRE and GMAT from a professional experienced instructor.
  • We assist students through counselling and organized seminars.
  • We help students in the selection of appropriate college/ university with consideration of fee structure and we add out effort to provide a scholarship for deserving students.
  • We help in the entire process of application, enrollment procedures, guidance in the documentation, tuition fee payment, interview preparation classes, and departure to the destination country, airport pickup and arrangement of accommodation.

One should never give up on their dream, at least not for this reason of not finding the right consultancy. Come to Platinum Education Consultancy if you are done with scavenging for right consultancy. We assure to provide you with the best service and the even better educational and career counselling.

Mission Statement Providing proper educational guidance for creating a bright future of students.

Vision Supporting Students to get an internationally recognized degree to further advance their career.


  • To provide information about universities/ Colleges/ Institutions.
  • To provide students with complete information for applying abroad.
  • To provide guidance for documentation.
  • To update students with changing policies and procedures.
  • To organize educational seminars to support students.
  • To protect students from misleading activities.

Our Team

We have highly experienced faculty member in every department. Experience IELTS Instructor for IELTS classes. Experienced Administrative staffs and Counselor for providing information to students. Our united team member will help students from every possible way.

Platinum Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is the private company which is established with the aim of contributing students’ career though globally recognized education system. Platinum Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is located at Dillbazar-32, Kathmandu (Opposite to Dillibazar Kanya Campus), Nepal. The company was established in February 2016. The main purpose of the company is providing all the educational guidance to the students for studying abroad.

After having the experiences of more than seven years, the proprietor has established the company as “Platinum Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.”. Though our company is new, it is run by experienced faculty members.

Recently our all the activities are carried from the above-mentioned office which is located at Dillibazar – 032, Kathmandu. After a few spans of time, we are planning to expand branch offices in different parts of the country.

Our team consists of seven members. They all are experienced, energetic, hardworking and devoted.

We stand apart from other consulting companies because we strive to provide genuine information to the students. The number one priority of our organization is the student’s career.

Our company is highly oriented towards student’s career. It is focused on brightening the student’s career by guiding them from the initial phase to the ending point. We provide counselling of countries like USA, Australia, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, Cyprus, Canada etc.

We assist our students through counselling and organizing seminars. We help students in the selection of appropriate college/ universities with consideration of fee structure and we too add our efforts to provide a scholarship for deserving students.

We help in the entire process of application, enrolment procedures, guidance in the documentation, and procedures for tuition fee payment, interview preparation classes, airport pickup and arrangement of accommodation.

Beside this, we arrange Test Preparation classes like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE AND GMAT through the experienced instructor.