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Tips for A Successful Visa Application

When you are planning for the study VISA paperwork there is need of few things that need to be addressed first.

There are many factors to consider and the reality is harsh – if you’ve made a mistake on your visa application, it will be refused. End of story.

Here are our pro tips on avoiding the most common visa application mistakes and how to improve your chances of a successful outcome.

Apply early

We always recommend applying in advance of your travel date. If you leave everything for the last minute, this may result in errors, incomplete information and misplaced documents.

If this is your first time to apply for a visa, double-check the processing time of the embassy and if you don’t know the process, it’s good to have enough time to check the requirements and gather all the documents.

To avoid unforeseen circumstances and to ensure your visa application isn’t derailed, apply the earliest you can.

We advise that you start applying at least 3 months before the start of your trip.

Check what documents you need

Every visa is different. It’s a good idea to print out the list of required documents, so you have a checklist you can refer to while you go to offices or banks and compile the required papers.

Keep in mind, that there are documents which contain almost similar information, but are not the same.

There are embassies which require that you submit additional documents. For instance, if you are applying for a China tourist visa, you will need to submit documents in support of your activities, their corresponding dates, contact details and accommodation. You can’t just submit a list of Chinese tourist attractions that you want to visit.

Have a clear purpose of travel

Why do you want to visit that country? In almost every application form, this is one of the most basic things asked. Will you be visiting friends and family or are you travelling simply for sightseeing? Will you be meeting a client or visiting a conference?

You will be asked to prove your reason. So, whatever it is, it must be honest and clear.

In the end, the main thing that concerns officers in the Embassy is if you are a potential immigrant, who wants to stay on a tourist visa.

Everything is really simple here – you must indicate the real purpose for which you plan to visit a particular country.

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Don’t book your travel in advance

We always advise visa applicants not to confirm any travel arrangements, until their visa is approved. Don’t forget that processing times vary, especially during busy periods.


Have sufficient financial proof

Your bank account must prove that you can financially support your visa plans. This could include a bank certificate, bank statements, etc.


It’s also crucial not just to have a substantial amount in your bank account but it should also have a consistent cash flow.

The good news is that some countries are straightforward in how much money you must have and, in most cases, this is equal to the “living expenses” that you are going to incur while you travel there.

Look for help if you need it

The truth is that in some cases you’re not going to get all the information you need from the embassy website, especially if your personal circumstances are a bit left-of-field.

You must never trust the information from forums because often, this advice is outdated or incorrect.

The embassy requirements move at the speed of a freight train, so make sure your source of information is reliable.

If you want to avoid tricky paperwork and save time from long queues in front of the embassy, you should look for a reliable visa assistance partner.

This is where we can help.

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