The eastern European country, Poland is located on the Baltic Sea. Infamous for its Medieval architecture, Jewish heritage and cuisine, Poland is emerging as one of the most sort out education destination for students from all over the world. Poland has many globally renowned university/ colleges that provide internationally recognized and accepted higher education programs. After the requirements asked by the university/ college are met, an international students can apply for the admission.

Though the native language of Poland is Polish, it is not necessary for a student to speak fluent Polish as universities/ colleges offer a wide variety of programs in English language. With the direct cooperation offered through Bureau of Academic Recognition and international Exchange, international students can apply for scholarships.

Unlike the USA, UK etc, comparatively less number of students applies for Poland universities/colleges. As a result there are not many consultancies within and outside the valley that specializes in Poland students processing. At Platinum Education Consultancy, we have previous successful experience of sending many students to Poland that make us trustworthy and qualified for your Poland processing. Our genuinely hardworking and professional instructors and consular will be there for you to guide you through the offered courses, university as well as assist you in selecting the right option for you.