United States of America

Home of the most colleges/universities which have been in the list of ‘Top Ten colleges in world’, United States of America has always been the favorite educational destination of students all over the world including Nepal. The world renowned education system and the top ranked colleges have contributed USA in inviting thousands of foreign students each year.

Currently having over 800,000 international students in different colleges/universities throughout the country, USA tops the chart of countries having the largest number of foreign students. Colleges/universities like Harvard, Yale, MIT are located in USA which have their high reputation in the world education system. Apart from these top ranked colleges/Universities there are other numerous such institutions which may not be in the top 10 list but definitely provides world class education.

Platinum Educational Consultancy can be the right guardian for you if you are looking forward to pursue your further education in USA. Here at Platinum Education Consultancy, we will advice the best options in selecting the best college/university, course and even help you through the whole processing phase. Education and social environment in USA is unlike any countries in the world. USA celebrates diversity in the society and same goes in their universities. One can find it very easy to dissolve in it or vice versa. So, for that matter, we will make you aware with everything that USA has to offer to you and prepare you for any probable cultural shock you could experience there.

Similar to other universities in other nations, even in USA every year a huge amount of money are provided to students as grants/scholarship, so at Platinum, we will always be in the job to grant you scholarship if you are deserving enough. This consultancy has a fair reputation in sending many students to USA previously and they are all happy with their decision of choosing Platinum Educational Consultancy as we serve you best of what we are good at.